BaccOff Original Non Tobacco Chew Mint Flavor

  • BaccOff’s original non tobacco chew in our mint flavor.
  • Features a larger cut with a sweet mint flavor with an underlying tobacco flavor.
  • Made from mint leaves and other FDA food safe ingredients.
  • No tobacco or nicotine so it is a safe alternative to smokeless tobacco.
  • Has helped thousands quit dip for good.

Bacc Off Non Tobacco Chew  Original Mint

Back of smokeless tobacco with BaccOff non tobacco chew TODAY!

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See how BaccOff Original non tobacco chew in Mint has changed the lives of our customers and how they are recommending it to others

“Quitting Copenhagen was hard. It was hardest thing that I have ever done. I failed many times throughout the years and was at the point that I thought I would never quit and that I just had that addictive kind of personality and it was impossible for me to quit. It was not until I found that I began to think that it was actually possible for me to quit. For this last quit and more permanent quit, I think that if I had known some things about my addiction and the quitting process before hand it might have been just a little less hard. These are as follows:

  1. If you can make it past the first 4 days the battle is 75% won. The second day for me was the hardest. I made it past the first day three times and failed on the second all three times.
  2. Be prepared for when the cravings hit. They will hit hard. Use a tobacco substitute to get you through the hard times. I used BaccOff Mint flavor which in my opinion is the best tasting and nearest to consistency to the real thing. I tried them all so I know (smokey mountain chew, BaccOff, hempdip, root100). BaccOff Mint is the best hands down. Usually cravings last about 5-15 minutes use this to make it through these times. I dont think I could have made it without BaccOff.
  3. Commit to each day rather than saying you are quitting for life. Commit to quit each morning. Post on the forum every day and look at the gallery.
  4. Stay away from convenience stores or wherever it is usually by your snuff. I failed three time just because I was at the store buying gas. Don’t tempt yourself. It is amazing the flawed logic you will use just to overcome your defense system. Be prepared for this as well and realize what you are doing when you do it. Make a deal with yourself before you buy that you will use BaccOff (or whatever) for at least 5 minutes before you buy that can.
  5. And most of all if you fail, pick yourself up and quit again.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for the smokeless tobacco alternative BaccOff. My husband had open heart surgery a few months ago this year. He had five by-passes. He has dipped Skoal for years and the doctor told him no more tobacco. He tried everything, gum and candy and nothing satisfied him. Then one day in the grocery store we saw your product. We bought a can of your non tobacco snuff and now he says it satisfies the craving for tobacco. Thank you again for this fine product.”

Please let us know how much you liked BaccOff Original tobacco free snuff in Mint in the comment box below!

    • DipStop says:

      Yes you can purchase it from our website because our product only contains food grade ingredients and none of them require an age restriction. We do believe that if you have an addiction problem you should let your parents know and have them help you.

  1. Mike says:

    Hi I am 16 years old and I have been chewing for 3-4 Years all day everyday I would have one in. I have switched from Copenhagen snuff to Copenhagen wintergreen and I’m trying to quit. Smokey mountain isn’t working well enough and I cannot buy it s can I order baccoff in online or buy it in a store?

    • DipStop says:

      Mike, we don’t sell directly to people under 18 years old but our products don’t contain any tobacco. Every ingredient in our products are food grade ingredients and are perfectly legal for minors to have. We would recommend getting your parents involved in your quit.

    • DipStop says:

      BaccOff Energized contains many of the same ingredients as an energy would contain. Other then that they are very similar.

  2. Sean says:

    I’m 17 an have been smoking an dipping for two years almost now. Ive recently tried quitting both countless times switching back an forth between the two trying to quit the other. I found dipping to be my favorite so thought if I could find something close to dipping it might help men quit. So I might give this a shot.

    • DipStop says:

      The primary ingredients and BaccOff products are mint and tea leaves. Also includes natural flavoring, some products have a little salt and sugar and a natural preservative

    • DipStop says:

      BaccOff contains no tobacco so it is not regulated. We don’t promote the use by or sale of BaccOff to minors, but each store’s management sets their own policy.

    • DipStop says:


      Since our product has no tobacco, there is no legal age limit. However, we do not promote the use of our product as a low risk way for minors to enter the dip culture. If want to use our product to “get your cowboy on”, you will eventually migrate to the real thing, which is the exact opposite of what we are trying to accomplish. If you are addicted to nicotine and are looking for a way to quit dip, we want to help. But you should only order our products with your parents knowledge and consent.

      Good luck,

  3. Edward Morera says:

    4/10/2013 3:41:19 PM Hello,

    I’m a regular customer and I have complained about pouches not being sealed completely in the containers. This pouches I end up throwing away, because I don’t like the loose contents in my mouth.

    Do you think the company can compensate me by giving me extra can of the Wintergreen Pouches in this order.

    Thank you,
    Edward Morera

    4/28/2013 3:29:42 AM I know that I can’t be the only person that orders Wintergreen Pouches. In every can I open, there are always pouches that are not Properly Sealed on the ends.

    This cause the contents of the Pouches to spread throughout the entire Can. I have to pick the unsealed ones and throw them away.

    Can anyone share the same experience. I know there are 3-4 of these broken pouches in every can I open. Not Satisfied with me having to discard these in the trash!!!!

    Edward Morera

  4. george says:

    I quit using chew about ten years ago but I now use Bacc off to help in the situations I used to chew a lot just so I don’t go back. It helps cut down the cravings and let me feel like I got my “fix”.

    • DipStop says:

      Since BaccOff is not a tobacco product, there is not an age limit. However, I would caution and advise underage buyers NOT TO PURCHASE our products unless they are trying to break an addiction to tobacco products.

        • DipStop says:

          We do not promote the use of our product as a “stepping stone” to tobacco products for underage consumers. However, we do recognize that a great majority of those addicted to smokeless tobacco started as underage consumers and could benefit from our product as an aid to quit.

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