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With BaccOff Tobacco Free Snuff You Can Back Off Smokeless Tobacco

BaccOff was introduced in 1993 as the first tobacco free snuff made like real tobacco snuff. BaccOff is still recognized as premium non tobacco chew with all the characteristics that one expects in a high quality tobacco product. Our look, taste, texture and spitablility are steps above the competition and are preferred by lifelong dip users trying to quit. This similarityto tobacco allows you to enjoy the pleasure of a good dip, without the harmful side effects. Our product is an herbal snuff made from FDA approved ingredients, including tea and mint leaves. BaccOff has helped thousands of people quit dipping and can help you or your loved one too. BaccOff has been found to taste most like tobacco when compared to our competition in the tobacco free snuff industry. We believe our commitment to making the very best non-tobacco herbal snuff makes BaccOff the most preferred brand in the market today.

BaccOff tobacco free snuff has more options and unique flavors.

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Give BaccOff a try and back off that smokeless tobacco today!

BaccOff currently offers three different herbal snuff categories in a variety of flavors. Click on the links below or images above to go directly to our store or to learn more.

  • BaccOff Original- Our most popular non tobacco chew with no tobacco and no nicotine. It is an herbal snuff that tastes, packs and spits like the real thing. No nicotine and no regrets with this tobacco free snuff! Available in Straight, Mint, Mocha, Wintergreen and XtraWintergreen.
  • BaccOff Energized- A non tobacco chew just like our BaccOff Original, but with an extra kick of energy to keep you going all day. This herbal snuff is made with caffeine and other FDA food approved ingredients to help improve alertness and stamina. Available in Straight and Wintergreen.
  • BaccOff Moist Pouches- All the benefits of our non tobacco chew with the look and texture of real tobacco pouches. An herbal snuff that is moist and dark in color. Available in Straight, Wintergreen, and Mint.

Click on the individual products tabs at the top of the page or the rotating images to read reviews from others who have used our herbal snuff products or to leave a comment of your own. We would like to know how BaccOff non tobacco chew products have changed your life!

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With BaccOff herbal snuff you can back off nicotine for your health

Because BaccOff is an herbal snuff, made from food grade ingredients, it is actually a safe, non-addictive alternative to smokeless tobacco products. BaccOff non tobacco chew has not been shown to cause cancer, give you gum disease, cavities, heart disease or bad breath. BaccOff tobacco free snuff helps with withdrawal symptoms by reducing the stress of nicotine withdrawal symptoms which should help you back off the nicotine habit. Our herbal snuff is recommended by dentists and used by health and wellness agencies across the country as part of their quit dipping programs.

With BaccOff non tobacco chew you can back off tobacco for your family and friends

Tired of being bugged by your family or friends to quit dipping? Quit saying you will and decide today to quit for them. Quitting will allow you to rebuild strained relationships with your loved ones and completely back off from addictive nicotine. We recommend doing this through a time tested method- The DipStop Quit Dip Program. Those who complete this program have reported to have a 90% or higher success rate in quitting dip. An integral part of this program is using our herbal snuff to gradually back off and quit tobacco snuff. Snuff users like something in their mouths and BaccOff allows you to do that without the regrets! This is your opportunity to quit for good!

Back off from the habit, Back off from the nicotine, Back off for yourself, Back off with BaccOff TODAY!

Visit our online store or give us a call at 1-800-8NO-CHEW (1-800-866-2439) to place an order.